Modular Building Design Challenge 2012, to combat housing affordability

The Challenge

URBANCOLLECTIVE  challenged the architectural, engineering and design community to design a contemporary modular home; to create an affordable and livable space to increase awareness of the possibilities for modular and prefab construction.

The URBANCOLLECTIVE  Modular Building Design Challenge 2012 aimed to not only further dialogue within the design community and build interest about prefabrication and modular design but also to create contemporary and affordable modular designs to aid in combating the widely discussed housing affordability crisis in Australia.

We weren’t looking for stereotypical, temporary or bland houses. Instead, we wanted designs that were daring, functional, contemporary, affordable and preferably green.  A design people would be proud to call home…or live next door to….

After receiving over 200 amazing submissions, from over 55 countries worldwide, URBANCOLLECTIVE chose 6 finalists.

With combined ‘like’s of over 11,500 and a reach to over 300,000 Facebook users, the winners announced were:

  • 1ST PRIZE: Akram Khelif – MDHouse (formerly untitled) with 4,008 likes.
  • 2nd PRIZE: Guilherme dos Santos – Shelterbox with 3,657 likes.
  • 3RD PRIZE: Piotr Matuszek, Katarzyna Sosinska, Jagoda Krawczyk & Grzegorz Chomicki – House.4.U with 1,880 likes.

Congratulations to our winners!

The Modular Building Design Challenge 2012 has surpassed our expectations, particularly for increasing awareness of modular construction. Thank you to all of the entrants, our finalists & all those who expressed interest.

URBANCOLLECTIVE offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional homes and worker accommodation by utilising the benefits of modular design and off-site construction to create contemporary, functional and sustainable living spaces.